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Compass Treasure Hunt

This is an excellent game for entry-level orienteering. Scouts are given compass directions on a slip of paper (printed from the next page). The directions take Scouts through a triangle-shaped course which, if done correctly...[read full activity]


Eight First Aid Problems

Have the scouts explain the proper method to help these people. Problem A: A kid riding a bike gets hit by a car. A cut on his left forearm severs an artery and he has a simple fracture on his right leg. Problem B: A driver s...[read full activity]

Mad Libs A Letter From Camp

Fill in the names of your fellow scouts and then read a great Letter from Scout Camp about you and your friends....[read full activity]


Personal First Aid Kit

Put the following into a 35mm film canister: 2-inch square of moleskin 2 1-inch adhesive bandages 1 quarter (for phone call) 2 premoistened towlettes (or 1 small bar of soap) 2 acetaminophen (aspirin substitute) tablets in fo...[read full activity]

Scout Hangman

A fun game of Hangman with words under the subject of Scouting....[read full activity]


Scout Jeopardy

Test your knowledge of Sout history and trivia! This online game can be played alone or with friends....[read full activity]

Simple Compass

Stroke one end of the magnet with one end of the needle. Tie the thread to the middle of the needle and dangle it. The needle will point to the poles. Mark the end pointing north....[read full activity]


Two-in-One Match

For book matches: Give the scouts each a match and have them split it into two by starting at the end with a fingernail. For wooden matches: Have them slice it right below the head and it will split easily....[read full activity]

Waterproof Match Containers

A 35mm film canister works well, but matches must be cut to fit. Shotgun shells and copper or plastic pipe work, but they require corks to be closed. If striker is included, put matches in with heads away from striker....[read full activity]