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Whether your activity's purpose is to teach, reinforce, demonstrate, or simply to entertain, you will find great activity ideas in's activity library.

Activities and Games can be an important teaching tool. Whether you are teaching kids, teenagers, or adults, people learn best when they have the opportunity to do, to participate, and to experience the principles being taught. Research indicates we learn best when more senses are involved in the learning process. When groups participate in an activity, they have the opportunity to reinforce learning through hearing, seeing, touching, and the brain is further stimulated through social interaction and strategy. Most importantly, activities and games are FUN, so the learners want to participate.

Even when the purpose of a game or activity is merely to entertain, participants gain significant benefits through social interaction, team building, stress relief, and problem solving.

Enjoy using the activity library, and be sure to add your favorite activities and games for others to read!


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25-Yard Swim

Amoeba tag

Ankle Tag

Ante Over

Antelope Race

Art Gallery

Backward Race

Bag-Breaking Relay

Ball Race

Ball Tag

Balloon Ball

Balloon Battle Royale

Balloon Busting

Blackout Fun

Blind Man's Knots

Blindfolded Steal-the Bacon

Broom-Sled Race

Bucket Brigade


Bucking Bronco

Bull in the Ring

Can It

Candle Race

Candy Hunt

Canoe Logrolling

Canoe splash

Canoeing Tug-of-War


Catch Ten

Center Miss

Chain Tag

Circle Link

Circle Pull


Collecting Rainwater

Commando Raid

Compass Facing

Compass Treasure Hunt


Cooking Gimmick Creation

Cooking Gimmick Creativity

Crab Ball

Crab Crawl Relay

Crack the DEW Line

Creative Designs

Cross Tag

Crosses in the Circle

Crossing the Alligator Pit

Crowded Circle

Crowded Circles

Crowded Patrol Circles

Crows and Cranes

Deer Hunt

Deer Stalking

Doctor's Nature Scavenger Hunt

Dodge Ball

Double Dodge Ball

Dragon Riding

Duck Waddle Pushups

Dynamic Observation

Eight First Aid Problems

Evolution Game

Famous Visitors

Fire Bucket Relay

Fisherman's Line

Fitness Medley Relay

Flag Folding Display

Flapjack Flipping

Freak Plant Hunt

Get the Message

Granny's Footsteps

Grasshopper Race

Greased Watermelon

Group Charade

Gunwale Race

Hands-up Race

Happy Hooligan

Hawaiian Handclap

Hide the Thimble

Hit the Bucket

Holiday Scavenger Hunt

Hopping the Gauntlet

Horse and Rider

Horse and Rider Steal-the-Bacon

Hot or Cold

Human Chain Race

Human Obstacle Race

Hunt the Candy

Hunter, Gun, or Rabbit

Hunter, Gun, or Rabbit Tag

Identified Flying Saucer Diving Contest

Initiative Race

Initiative Relay

Island Hopping

Izzy Dizzy Relay

Jump the Shot

Ladder Relay

Lassoing the Steer

Lava River Crossing

Log-Rolling Relay

Long, Short, Round

Luck Relay

Mad Libs A Letter From Camp

Meat Grinder

Missionary Tag

Morse Dial Spinner

Morse Dial Spinner competition

Morse Sit Down

Mow the Man Down

Muscle Medley

Nail-Driving Relay

Name That Fish

Name the Merit Badge

Nature Art Gallery

Nature Go-Down

Nature Memory Hunt

Nature Sensing

Nature Snap

Nest Banding

Newspaper Basketball

Newspaper Good Turn

Night Eyes

No Paddle Race

Obstacle Relay Race

Ocean Race


O'Grady vs

Old Plug

One-Handed Knot Tying

Over and Under Relay

Over the Line


Pace Test

Patrol Charades


Personal First Aid Kit

Ping-Pong Race

Poison Stump

Poison Web

Pony Express Race


Read it, Do it

Relay the Message

Riders and Horses

Ring Ball

Ring Buoy Throw


Roman Empire

Rooster Brawl

Rooster Fight

Rooster Pull

Rooster Tag

Rubber Ball Relay


Scout Hangman

Scout Jeopardy

Scout Law Baseball

Scout Law Hunt

Scout Law Hunt V1

Scout Law Relay

Scouting History

Sealed Orders

Secret Signals

Shark Trap

Ships in the Fog

Shirt Rescue

Shoe Hunt

Shoot the Gap

Short Splice Tug-of-War

Shuttle Run Relay

Sighting Arrows

Signal Steal-the-Bacon

Signal Step Contest

Simple Compass

Skateless Skating

Skating Race

Skin the Snake

Skunk Tag

Sleeping Pirate

Snowball-Rolling Contest

Spies in the Woods

Split the Match Relay

Spoon Race

Standing Jump Relay

Star Hunt

Static Observation


Step on It


Suitcase Race

Surprise Visitor

Take the Mat

Team Jump the Shot

Team Nail Driving

Team Swim Relay

Tenderfoot Relay

Tennis Ball Toss

Tent Peg-Driving Relay

Tent Peg-Making Relay

The Black Knight

The Game

The Sieve

The Struggle

Three Objects

Three Ropes Game

Three-Legged Soccer

Three-Man Tug-of-War

Tiger in a Cage

Tire-Roll Relay


Towel Race

Tractor Pull

Trail Signs

Train Chase

Tree Hunt

Trust Fall


Twig Hunt

Two-in-One Match

Walking Statues


Water Basketball

Water Buffalo Riders

Water Dodge Ball

Water Knot Tug-of-War

Water Poison

Water Tug-of-War

Waterproof Match Containers

Wet Weather Fire Building

What Do I Feel

Wheelbarrow Race

Whip the Rope

Winter Nest Hunt