A Jolly Bum Song


A Jolly Bum Song


Oh a bum, a bum a jolly good bum A bum I wanna be. A bum gets up in the morning To get the morning breeze. (CHORUS) He washes his face in the frying pan Forgets to comb his hair. A bum, a bum a jolly good bum A bum I wanna be. Six o'clock in the morning Mrs. Murphy comes around. With a piece of bread and butter That weighs a half a pound. The coffee's like tobacco juice. The bread is hard and stale. And that's the way they feed the bums In the Richmond County Jail. (Repeat Chorus) One day I met a man That I never met before. He asked me if I wanted a job Shoveling iron ore. When I asked him what the wages were He said "Dollar and half a ton." Oh mister you can keep your job I'd rather be a bum. (Repeat Chorus) Three o'clock in the morning I looked upon the wall. The bedbugs and the roaches Were having a game of ball. The score was six to nothing. The roaches were ahead. Till a bedbug hits a homerun And knocks me out of bed. (Repeat Chorus)

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David Turner


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