(a fast song) I am just a pile of tin


(a fast song) I am just a pile of tin


(verse1) I am just a pile of tin nobody knows what shape i'm in, got four wheels and a running board, i'm not a shevy i'm a ford (chorus) honk,honk,raddle,raddle,raddle,crash,beep,beep honk,honk,raddle,raddle,raddle,crash,beep,beep honk,honk,raddle,raddle,raddle,crash,beep,beep honk,honk (verse2) coca-cola went to town pepisi cola shot him down Dr.Pepper fixed him up now we all drink 7up (chorus) romio and julet on a balcony they met,romio pushed her down,now shes got a broken crown (chorus) humpty dumpty sat on a wall,humpty dumpty had a great fall,he got up and then he said I think I should go to bed (chorus)


honk=pull ear, raddle=shake head, crash=hit chin with hand, beep=hit nose with hand

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this song getts things moving and it's easy to make up new verses


Cara Strunk


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