Pink Flamingo Insurance Fundraiser



The scouts begin by placing a few pink flamingo yard decorations in people's yards, along with a flyer explaining the process.


Home Owners can then hire the scouts to remove the pink flamingo to a neighbor's house for a small donation ($5). This is very fun in our community. We also sell pink Flamingo insurance policies for larger donations ($25). A person with an insurance policy will not receive another pink flamingo visit. For anyone who is upset or does not want to participate, we of course quickly remove the flamingos. The flyer distributed with the flamingo explains what the proceeds are used for and includes a phone number to call if there are any problems. This has been very well received in our neighborhood.

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Date Entered09-Jan-2007

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Insurance programs on 20-Sep-2008

Our Tiger Cubs sold insurance against "ghastly ghosts, mad reindeer disease, rabid rabbits, lazy leprechauns and frenzied wild flowers. $5.00 insured against ghost in OCT. $25.00 insured against all. I typed up brochures explaining predictions by our CDC and scientists and I printed business cards for each boy to leave with a potential customer, because as it was our tiger cubs were the only ones trained and authorized by the CDC to remove an infestation at the cost of $10.00 and of course with out proper insurance and treatment they would return, so they usually opted to by insurance after that. It was a blast for the boys and community...especially when they showed up at dark in respirators, gloves, caps with caplights attached and bright orange biohazard bags, to clean up the infestation. We had 7 boys in our den and only 4 participated and in two weeks they made $855.00

Not to be a nah sayer, but... on 06-Aug-2009

This fundraiser would not be inline with the BSA's Unit money earning guidelines.

I love it!!! on 12-Mar-2010

that is so cool I only wish I thought of that!!! I think I might try that sometime!

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