Chinese auction Fundraiser



Host an auction with all donated items and services.


Get stores and businesses to donate items, gift certificates and services. Host the auction where people can purchase tickets for $1.00 each. They then place as many tickets as they want in container for item they would like to win. Draw out a ticket for each item for the winner. This is 100% profit. Groups can also sell hotdogs, drinks, bake goods, etc.

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Date Entered25-Jul-2008

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Policy violations on 03-Apr-2009

Note that raffle type fundraisers are prohibited by some youth groups, such as the Boy Scouts. Other youth groups are permitted to do these fundraisers.

Chinese Auctions on 06-Mar-2011

Chinese Auctions or Tricky Trays are not allowed under BSA guidelines. By rule, they are gambling and not permitted. No one under 18 is usually allowed to attend (check state and local laws).

Works for us on 01-Oct-2011

Our Pack holds a raffle every year at our annual spaghetti dinner fundraiser. We have had great success with this and it's 100% profit to the pack. The hardest part is obtaining the right prizes. We have found that restaurant gift certificates are the most popular items.

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